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We got a few responses from amongst us for our kids edition of AMM_Ashayghan Blog. We know some of you may have been traveling and having other plans that kept you away from contributing your articles. No worries at all... there is still time to send your articles. We will publish a part 2 of this edition which you and your peers can still take the time to read before the hustle and hassle of school routine begins.

In the meantime, you may want to find out why Avanti ( Khare ) calls herself "Vaguely Indian"...a SHAPESHIFTER ! :-) ...and if you find yourself rushing to google ...she is going to give you her short take on along.
It may resonate with some of you while others may wonder what ARE these identities anyhow? It may also inspire you to pen your own thoughts about what you would like to call yourself ...perhaps ?

Ishan ( Khambete ) gets maturely philosophical for his teen years in his poem HERO. The mindspace of poet is quite an enigma. That is why poems are very open to interpretation. Ishan talks about "someone above" and he also talks about "dreams becoming banzai". What exactly does he mean ? If you'd like to know please feel free to send him your curious questions

Last but not the least Ahiri and Kaveri ( Garde ) have compiled a short and sweet record for their multifaceted dad...who recently was nominated for BMM awards in Dallas TX and won for his valuable contributions and outstanding achievements in science, technology and education. Congratulations once again !!!

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A Hero

Vaguely Indian

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Why are you so obsessed with shapeshifters?” I couldn’t believe that was my mom’s first comment after I let her read the story I had spent the entire summer of sixth grade working on.

“They’re just cool.”

“Maybe you should try writing about something else. You shouldn’t get too stuck to one idea.” She gently placed the packet on my desk. “I noticed something. Why are all the names sounding Indian?”

I didn’t have an answer to that.

My birth certificate says I was born in Sleepy Hollow, NY, but I’m not sure how true it is. If I was born and raised in New York, it doesn’t explain why the smell of chili powder turns me into putty when I enter the kitchen, or why I grew up listening to Bollywood music in the car. I share my name, Avanti, with a kingdom from the Mahabharata, but it is also a well-used command in Italian.

Around fifth grade, I discovered the radio on my iPod Nano. If I plugged in my headphones and got to 104.7 FM, I had instant access to every lunch conversation for the next three years. In freshman year, Twitter replaced my radio. I followed countless news outlets to feel like I was part of the conversation around me. I soon realized that I probably never “knew” anything and that this was becoming an obsession.

My sphere of “knowing” rests vaguely in Bollywood hits from the early 2000s and the internet culture of this decade, but I know for certain who I am. I’ve been an informed shapeshifter since birth.

By Avanti Khare 

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A hero is someone 
Someone Above 
Someone for you 
To make you smile 
The hero is the one for you 
No close to zero 

A hero is someone who’s kind. 
Blind or purposefully.
Someone who never hurts. 
Rather someone to keep you out of the outskirts.... with their kindness. 
It ain’t blindness kindness. 
They know. 
But they still go the extra mile.
For when you are as low as bile they warm you up and take a stoop, 
showing their kindness, right to you 

A hero is someone inspiring. 
Someone to make you go transpiring. 
With hopes to keep you high. 
Stayed on the upper. 
Making your dream banzai. 
With hopes to inspire. 
A hero is someone who cares. 
Someone who dares go the path for you. 
Someone who skips their bath to care to you. 
With dreams in share. Hopes to flare. To make dreams come true By caring for you. 

A hero is someone who understands. 
Someone who knows, and does reassure. 
Someone who goes indeed to fervour and understand. 
With hopes not to strand you alone but brand you with themselves hand by hand. 
For when they just hear you out and the world ain’t bland 
You know for a fact that they understand. 

A hero. 
A hero is someone who understands 
Someone who cares 
Someone who’s kind 
Someone who’s inspiring. 
Someone, who’s your friend. 
And if they are all this 
If it is indeed so true 
Then you’ll feel the hue, of a true hero too. 

-By Ishan Khambete
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